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Hey kids. :)

I'm pimping for a good reason this time, I promise.

It all started with shadbolt75, who made a livejournal post saying that he would donate a dollar for every person who commented on his journal for Hurricane Katrina relief. That ruled.. but unfortunately, he was unable to possibly be able to pay as much as people commented....


Being that LJ rocks (!) 4 other people picked up the ball on this.

shivacat ( But they've all ready reached their cap... *shrug* I commented anyway...)



and meinnim

So be a cool kid and go and comment. :) I have faith and hope that these people will keep their promises, because that would be super awesome, ya know? These poor people effected by Hurricane Katrina sure need our help, and I am happy to do what little I can. I know we are all donating whatever we can... but think of it this way. It's one more dollar beyond what you would have donated anyway.

So pimp it. Just pimp it. *to the tune of beat it*

:) You love it, don't lie.

Oh, and for those not interested in Katrina... Here's a random fact. :

In medieval Spain it was customary to clean the teeth with stale urine. The theory behind this strange practice was that the urine would render the teeth especially bright and keep them firmly fixed in the gums.
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