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It's June!

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." Mark Twain

All right, so for starters, in the mont of May, Huh_Uh_Bob was the first to comment the most! 4 times! YAY! Feel free to go to their journal and offer your congratulations. ;)

Tied for runnerup position are Benneh_boy3, and Soleil_Glorieux who were the first to comment 3 times. You may feel free to go to their journal and tell them that they were almost good enough to win. ;) heheh. I will do this on the first of each month, since ya'll seem so keen to comment first.

Oh, and clothing results.

As far as our cumulative favorite brands:
1. Victoria's Secret with 6 items.
2. Levis, 4
3. Old Navy, 4
4. A & E Jeans - 3
5 A & M - 3
6. Fruit of the Loom - 3
7. Gildan - 3
8. Hanes - 3
9. Marks & Spencers - 3

Everything else had two or less items in our culmulative random wardrobe.

Oh, and countries.

All countries that had MORE then 5 items of clothing from our CRW made there.

1. Mexico, with 21 items of clothing!
2. China, 20
3. USA, 14
4. Hong Kong, 7
5. Thailand, 7
6. Sri Lanka, 6

Phew. I need a drink. ;)

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