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Send me your underwear!!

All right.. time for a random assignment! ;)

In attempts to find our most popular common brand, and country that made them.. I need each of you to do the following:


3 pieces of underwear ( Bras, boxers, panties, thongs, etcetera)

3 pairs of pants, any kind

3 sweaters

3 tshirts/tanktops/muscletees, etc.

Right down the brand, and country they were made in...

And I will compile a list! Try to get different brands on each.

Oh, and if you just respond with (First POST!) Your first post doesn't count unless you did this first. ;)

All right. MIne!

1. Victoria's Secret, Made in China
2. Fun-Deez, Made in Thailand
3. Gilligan O'Malley, Made in Thailand
4. Calvin Klein Jeans, Made in Mexico
5. Merona, Made in Hong Kong
6. Lee Jeans, Made in Vietnam
7. Tess, Made in Hong Kong
8. Old Navy Outlet, Made in Brunei (Never even HEARD of that!)
9. Gap, Made in Sri Lanka
10. BDG, Made in USA
11. Energie, Made In Hong Kong
12. Rue 21, Made in Pakistan

Your turn.

I might try and make one of those maps to show where all of our clothes were manufactured if I can find one.. I'm feeling motivated!

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