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A year away, did you all play? :) - You don't know me. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A year away, did you all play? :) [Dec. 12th, 2011|01:40 pm]
[mood |dorkydorky]
[music |commercial break]

Uffdah! Took me 7 tries to remember my password.

I never, ever meant to abandon you all. Things have just been really crazy in my life, but overall pretty good. I hope you're all doing wonderfully. Here's hoping I'll be around more often. I found something special just for you, though!

( It may be old internet news, but just in case, this song rocks. A few swear words. :) )


Tim Minchin's Prejudice song.

Oh, and caption contest. :)


[User Picture]From: runeenigma
2011-12-13 04:46 am (UTC)
So good to see a post from you! I hope things are going well in your life. Crazy can be good -- I'm hoping it's a good crazy. :)
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[User Picture]From: randomposting
2011-12-14 06:08 am (UTC)
Definitely mostly good crazy. ;) Health overall is pretty good here. Haven't had any surprise surgeries in over a year! Oh yeah! lol. And Mr. Random seems gun-ho on sticking around through all of my craziness, and things are blissful there. Just working on finding a full time job, doing lots and lots of here and there things, helping out at Little Random's school, and expanding my book business. Looks like the post office is on the way to it's doom, so that'll probably be the end of my business. So it goes though.

How are you!? What's new? It's so good to be back!
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[User Picture]From: runeenigma
2011-12-15 07:40 am (UTC)
Life is a good crazy here, too! I'm working a lot, some music here, some theatre there, and my new play just opened and is being well received, so that's exciting! My fiance is working, even got a promotion, so that's pretty good, too.

So glad to hear things are going well! Sad to hear about the post office. Hopefully you'll find another shipping place near you. Best of luck with that!
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