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Singing flaming toilets, from all over the world.

I'm totally going to see if any of you want to help me with my homework, so to speak. :) I have to pick a variety of shows for possibilities for this community theatre I'm involved with for next season.

Here's the links to the four main theatre rights organizations for people to license rights for musicals. Sooo.. if ya'll had to choose between three shows from the following organizations, what would they be? ;)





This is only if you want to help. :) Please fee no obligation, I just know my tastes are a little oh... random. :) And not everyone would probably want to see Floyd Collins.. (Though they should! =) ) This theatre does primary musicals, but would maybe be open to a new Christmas tradition and for the winter is looking for something with a target cast of 2-11 and the summer show can be as big as can be. :)

I all ready have a list of possibilities but I don't want to skew you guys at all. So thanks in advance anyone and everyone who helps! I supper appreciate it. :)


For those uninterested in musicals. :)


Where The Hell is Matt 2008. Updated, super awesome. Makes me happy. :)


Astronuats can spend months on a space shuttle. Have you ever wondered what the "amenities" They call it a WCS for Waste Containment System, and it makes the bathroom on a 747 look luxorious. Spage-Age Decor - It's a ctually a little bigger than a bathroom on an airplane, but instead of a cornball wallpaper and rounded plastic edges a WCS is all sharp edges, metallic and studded with bolts, gauges, clamps and strange looking machines. And handholds and footrests. The overall effect is torture-chamber modern. The most inviting and familiar sight is a white toliet seat that sits on a metallic platform. Number One - First, let's look at the urinal arrangement. Each astronaut (and astronette) has a personal funnel that is attached to a hose for urinating. Fans suck air and urine through the funnel and hose into a waste water tank. Number Two - For actual sitting on the john-- and don't forget we're in zero gravity-- the astronauts have to unscrew the lid first and position themselves on the toilet seat, attaching themselves to leg restraints and thigh bars. Like the number one arrangement, the toilet waste matter is sucked into the commede by vacumnlike fans. Further Amenities -- The bathroom also contains dry and wet wipes to wash hands and faces. Curtains close off the area for privacy, so it's also used for changing clothes and taking what can't be very luxurious sponge baths. The Bug In The System -- The current "extended duration" or EDO WCS was designed for longer shuttle flights and despite all of those nuts and bolts, has leakage problems. You can send people into space, but designing a non-leaking toilet... now that's a challenge.

Last and most importantly, all of you by these fires, please be careful. :( *hugs* I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

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