randomposting (randomposting) wrote,

How the zipcode eases your postal pain...

I am beginning to believe that there are agents in the Universe working against me keeping this journal up.

Everytime I get out of my funk and get ready to start resuming my daily posts something else goes wrong.

Grr! I will prevail. And you will have your daily randomness once again. It may not be tomorrow.. or Wednesday.. but it will happen!

In the meantime, thanks for your patience and all your support. I love you guys. It sucks being away but I'm having to make my family and health my priority.

But the nice thing about being away is that you always get a giant post when I come back. This one is very news-sh.

First... -- http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?Giant_ice_penis_-_is_climate_change_to_blame?&in_article_id=304450&in_page_id=2

A giant ice penis, because I feel every Sunday morning should start with one of those.

Secondly.. Lose your house, lose your vote. Especially if you're black. GRR.


And thirdly.. Some information about Sarah Palin.. and how under her as mayor, Wasilla Alaska used to bill victims and/or their insurance for rape kits. Basically, if you didn't have insurance and couldn't afford to pay for the rape kit yourself, your rape would be uninvestigated. Sooo classy. Definitely the kind of morality compass I want guiding the country.


And fourthly and lastly.. a 33 year old Mom stole her 15 year old daughters identity so she could join the cheerleading squad. No. Really.



Here's your youtube. I think it's good enough to do just one. :) It's The Swinging Six introducing Zip Codes. And then some other mail ads too. Keen!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And your caption contest.

Hoping she'll be back soon!
Your loving,

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