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I think I just like using this icon. I keep finding reasons... lol

When Lam Sai Wing was growing up in communist China he dreamed of someday being rich. He eventually moved to Hong Kong and opened a jewelry store called 3-D gold, and by 2001 had the money to build the toilet of his dreams... Out of gold. And he had enough money left over to build an entire bathroom of gold-- wash basins, toilet brushes, toilet paper holders, towel holders, mirror frames, doors, even bathroom tiles. he topped it all off with a ceiling encrusted with precious gems. Total cost: $4.9 million, which Lam offsets by charging admission to the bathroom. Peeking into the restroom cots $4; to use the facilities, you have to spend at least $138 in the store.

Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob Smith on What's My Line. :)


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