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Eep. I'll be around more often!! I suck.

Roger Williams escaped to Rhode Island to find religious freedom. But he could not escape the apple tree horror.
When he died, Williams was buried at his farm. Many years later, when the Rhode Island Historical Society exhumed him for a more elaborate burial, Williams was gone, bones and all.
Grave robbers? No, the apple tree.
The roots had entered the coffin. A large root curved where his head should have been and entered the chest cavity, growing down the spine. It branched at the two legs, and then upturned into feet!
The Rhode Island Historical Society doesn't like to talk about the tree root that ate Roger Williams. They keep it hidden in their basement, too fearful to bring it upstairs or to throw it away. But they do agree that if they ever did display it, they'd have a lot more visitors.
An Appreciative Visitor to this page wrote: "My family is from Rhode Island and I am a direct of descendent of Roger Williams. It's kind of something my family is proud of. Never heard that story but am thrilled to think that I can actually go back and see my roots -- so to speak."

And Armstrong & Miller WW2 sketch.


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