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Rushed looks angry, but I'm not.. I just want to post this before it's tomorrow. lol

The Ancient Mayans believed that the releasing of blood was what appeased the gods most. In times of hardship or on specific days of their calendar, the leader was held responsible for sacrificing some of his blood to show the gods respect or to alert them of a problem.

One of the ceremonies done by the male leader would require him to horizontally pierce (all the way through) the foreskin of his own penis with a stingray spine. This was done publicly in front of all of his people and was a very important and religious event.

The wife of the leader would sometimes assist in this sort of ritual; in her case, she would pull a rope studded with thorns through her tongue.

All of the blood released from both of these ceremonies would be let out into a basket lined with paper. These papers would then be burned in a ceremonial fire.

Some say that during these painful ceremonies leaders were able to "connect" with the gods and have religious visual experiences. This showed the leaders people that they were extremely holy and in touch with the spiritual realm.

Many leaders had to pierce themselves several times over their period of rule.

Needless to say, after this, the men weren't able to get their wives pregnant.. so usually one of the leaders brothers would "assist" with the pregnancy.


And here ya go:


A cat eating wiht chopsticks. Awesome.

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