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Happy, Smelly icons. :)

In November of 2002 the U.S. National Research Council called for a massive increase in the amount of money the Pentagon spends on non-lethal weapons. The army is now looking into malodarants, substances so smelly that the miltary can use the to disperse crowds, empty buildings, and keep enemies away from sensitive areas. Monell Chemical Senses Center, a research facility in Philadelphia is providing smelly alternatives to violent weaponry. They allow vonunteers of all nationalities and cultures smell their cscents to ake sure they have worldwide dis-apppeal. Their worst orders include:
"Who Me?" which smells like the odorant added to natural gas combined with the smell of rotting mushrooms.
"Bathroom Malodor" - A nasty poopy smell that's mixed with the mell of rotting rodents. The lab also sells this smell to makers of bathroom cleansers who use it to test the effectiveness of their new products.
"Stench Soup" - A combination of "Who Me" and "Bathroom Malodor".
Researcher Pamela Dalton states that Bathroom Malodor is the most offensive smell currently offered. "We got cursed in a lot of different languages when we tested that."


If You're Happy and You Know it!! I encourage everyone to participate. I am. hehe. ;)

Also.. does anyone want to make me an icon for the election process for the LJ Advisory Board?

I feel like one of the Oceanic six.. I need an icon. ;) Post them here, and I of course will give credit to whoever makes them.

You guys are the best.
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