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What does a dollar buy at the Olive Garden?

On May 29, 1899, Pearl Hart became the only woman known to have robbed a stagecoach. She and a man named Joe Boot (probably an alias) stopped the Globe, Arizona stagecoach and relieved its passengers of all their money -- about $400. Feeling badly, however, at leaving her victims penniless, Pearl decided to return a dollar to each of them -- "enough to eat on". She and her accomplice were arrested a few days later, however, after getting themselves lost in the Arizona hills. The woman bandit became an overnight sensation and crowds gathered at the courthouse to see her and get her autograph. She claimed to have committed the robbery to get money for her ailing mother, and the jury was sympathetic and released her, but when she was picked up a few months later for carrying an illegal weapon, she was sent to Yuma Territorial Prison where she earned the distinction of not only being the first woman sent there, but also the first woman to become pregnant while in prison! As the only men who had been alone with her were the prison guards, a preacher, and the Governor of Arizona, Pearl was discretely pardoned and asked not to return to Arizona. After that, not much is known about Pearl Hart. There is some evidence that she earned a living as a pick-pocket and a prostitute, spending time in and out of prison. According to other reports, she eventually settled down and married a rancher, smoked cigars, and lived to the ripe old age of 90.


Some good impressions. Majorly staged, but still funny. -- Lots of swearing.

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