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Names & their variations.

If 18 Famous Men Were Known by Their Mothers' Maiden Names

1. Charlton Charlton (Heston)
2. Buster Cutler (Keaton)
3. Bill Dwire (Clinton)
4. Paul Fetzer (Newman)
5. Frank Garaventi (Sinatra)
6. Johnny Hook (Carson)
7. Orson Ives (Welles)
8. Arnold Jedrny (Schwarzenegger)
9. Sylvester Labofish (Stallone)
10. Anthony Oaxaca (Quinn)
11. Michael Scruse (Jackson)
12. Mick Scutts (Jagger)
13. Mike Smith (Tyson)
14. Rip Spacek (Torn)
15. Perry Travaglini (Como)
16. Martin Luther Williams (King)
17. Bruce Zirilli (Springsteen)
18. Zuchowski (Liberace)

Ahh, those list books. They have a little bit of everything. ;)

And the Lolita trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHBcEYh_Gmc&e Strange stuff.

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