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Soo... LJ is ammending their terms of service, and now have changed their "spam" definition to this:

Numerous identical or nearly identical unsolicited, unwanted comments or entries have been posted to various journals and/or communities.

If a journal owner or community maintainer believes a comment is spam, he or she should delete the content, and select the "Mark as Spam" option which will appear. This will submit a report to our spam management system, and will be included with any other reports against the same user (or IP address for anonymous comments). These reports are periodically reviewed and acted upon by the Abuse Prevention Team.

If it is determined that a user is spamming, they will receive a warning. Repeat offenses will lead to further action being taken. Accounts which exist primarily for the purpose of spamming will be permanently suspended.

People almost unanimously agree that spam is unwanted, whether it be in the form of email, entries on their friends pages, or comments to their journal. Because of this, we believe it is appropriate to prohibit users of the service from posting a large number of unsolicited comments or entries.

( Here's the link to all the other proposed changes as well: http://www.livejournal.com/abuse/policy.bml?proposal=1 )

For the most part I agree with the changes, but this whole idea of unsolicited commenting is really worrying me. Looks like, and I'm not trying to be egotistical here, but that they're ammending their terms of service to directly apply to me, in the situation that happened last month. Remember, where they basically threatened to cancel my journal and gave me a warning and all that with my nefarious behaviour of wishing people happy birthdays, and that I hope their day improved?

They weren't able to delete me then, because their own terms of service had nothing against commenting on others journals. This new proposal? It absolutely does. I know a lot of you had mentioned that you would have issues if I was deleted for something of this nature.. and it looks like they're setting it up for this very purpose now. So if you have issues with this, or some of the other things in the policies, PLEASE make your voice heard, because otherwise things are being done to LJ without your input.. and I feel we all should have our voice. Some of us have permanent, and paid accounts, and even if you don't, LJ is part of your community and part of your life.

Here's what I wrote:

" So, commenting on peoples ournals is considered spam now? Interesting how you're changing your terms of service to make commenting on someone's journal against the rules if it's "unsolicited". I think this is complete bs, and I have over 800 friends on my friends page who would agree, as every single one of them added me because of what you would consider "unsolicited" comments on their journal. I think you're opening a dangerous door here. Are people no longer allowed to talk to people who haven't added them all ready? I think that if someone doesn't want people to comment on their journal outside of their friendslist, then they should have a private journal.

And what about when LJ publishes LJ users entries in the "community" area for people to read and respond too? Doesn't that seem like even more of an invasion of privacy? I often hear about my LJ' friends friends birthdays and always go and wish them a happy birthday, or if I happen upon a journal where someone is having a bad day, I always write some little note of encouragement.. so now you're amending your policy to make that no longer allowed?

If someone doesn't want comments on their entries, they should make them private. Or disable commenting. It seems pretty simple to me. Why would you amend the terms of service in this way? To prevent the building of a livejournal communtiy of people that don't know each other.. to prevent potential friends? I thought that was the whole reason LJ was created? "

And I really think that you should all take a look at everything here, and how it relates to you, and you should make your voices heard too:


If this policy goes into effect, my journal will either be gone, or completely different then it's always been, because I'll no longer be able to go and comment to new people without running the risk of my journal being deleted. This means there won't be new journallers here, to converse with, and make friends with as I have seen many of you do over the years. It would be really sad to have to change how I operate this journal because of some people who are quick to mark anyone they don't know as spam if they comment to their entry. And you guys know me.. it's not like I'm out there swearing at people, or calling them names or pimping my ebay auctions. I'm just trying to spread some good cheer, because this world really needs it.

Too early to say goodnight, and good luck? *sigh*

Love to all of you!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjOLh2s-o3M&e And here... Madonna doing the song Vogue on MTV, for those not interested in the current debacle. :)

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