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Flap your wings, and sing sing sing.

The Inuit tell a story of a man and his son travelllng through the icy Arctic wastes gathering food and fuel for winter. The boy made friends with a little brown bird. When winter set in, the boy and his father settled into their igloo. One night they heard a polar bear outside. The bear tried to get into the igloo, but was too big. So he put his paw through the entrance and stamped out the fire inside. The bear nknew that in the spring, he could come and get the boy and his father, who would have frozen to death. Once the bear had gone the little bird flew into the igloo. The bird saw that the boy and his father were so cold that they had fallen asleep and rantically flapped his wings to get the fire going again. As he flapped, the flames grew, and the bird's breast turned red with the heat. He did not stop until the boy and his father ahd woken. Since then, robins have had a red breast.


And she's an angry woman. Yeah yeah yeah!!!
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