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Ghosts, Puppet Shows & Firsts!

First comments from the month of January, coming right up! :)

In first place we have a two way tie. eclecticposting and bigtyper.

In second place we have a.. ready for it? A 27 place tie. *boggles*

embe11ished ranka rouxgoss 1happygirl sparklylights olivesocrates silvergloss jai_23 capt_blotto thegreatlockbox trish_punch veronica_rich fuzzygreenfruit sleepygirl18 marguerlucy beatle9 cricketcat7 megwings faerie_mistress popsimon insane_hope esme phekkin_nej jehannamama smadaf thejamie rochellestarr

Phew. lol. Wow.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdgdqM6oKi0&e - The Uninvited, it's a reeally good film. This is the end though, and a little corny out of context, so if you want to see this old 40's (maybe 50's?) film, you may not want to watch it. :)

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And this entry is all ready so huge, why not make a caption contest too, right? ;)
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