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Lies, Games, and the American Presidency

Today we have a fact stolen from Marguerlucy.. my lj cut wasn't working. Sorry!

William Moulton Marston, who created Wonder Woman, was the inventor of the polygraph (lie-detector); and interestingly enough, Wonder Woman's weapon is the Lasso of Truth
-He was in a polymorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth and a woman named Olive Barnes - he based the character on traits from both of these women.



And this is just fascinating. A game show from the very early 60's entitled "10 Little Indians" Terribly racist, but an interesting case study, none the less, in the mindsets of people in the early 60's. Very interesting, especialy the differing opinions on President Kennedy.

And speaking of presidents, CNN just emailed me to inform me that my first choice has dropped out of the race. I know many of your first choices have all ready left too. It feels craptastic!

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