randomposting (randomposting) wrote,

I have a few words for the president of IBM.

IBM had a unique response to employee complaints that they were not being compensated for overtime... they cut their salaries. IBM had originally applied for, and received, an exemption from having to pay overtime to thousands of their employees. The employees were upset and started a lawsuit. IBM responded by dropping the exemption, then cutting the salaries of their employees by 15% to compensate for the overtime they now have to pay. As a result, the employees now must work overtime to earn the same salary they previously earned in a regular work week. Worse yet, the cut also applies to employees who never worked overtime at all. -- http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/01/24/049246&from=rss

So yeah. who wants to work for IBM? Not me!! I think I'd be more likely to do small things to sabotage a company that did this to me. I mean, seriously.. that's just obnoxious. Especially with the economy. *wince* Nasty.


News anchors reflecting on the assassination of JFK. No Zapruder film close ups, I promise, but you do see Lee Harvey Oswald shot.

So, I've always wanted to know your opinions on the Kennedy assassinaton. Conspiracy? Why yea, or nay?

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