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Mighty Mouse


Guinness Record breaking worst mouse plague video. This is crazy!!!


"On 16th October 1906, Wilhelm Voigt, a shoemaker, dressed himself as a captain in the German army and sallied forth into the streets of Berlin. He first encountered four soldiers whom he immediately ordered to fall in and follow him. They had never seen him before but such was the authority confered upon him by his captain's uniform that he was instantly obeyed. Picking up some more troops on the way, the band arrived by train at the railway station of Kopenick, a small town outside Berlin. The captain set out for the town hall and on the way encountered three policemen. They were also peremptorily ordered to fall in, and of course, instantly obeyed. Arriving at the town hall the Captain demanded a sum of 4002.50 marks to be paid to him. It was promptly done. The Captain handed over a receipt and then ordered the arrest of the mayor, who was despatched under escort ot the new Berlin police station at Unter den Linden. The Captain's autocratic spree lasted for six hours. He was arrested and later sentenced to four years in prison."

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