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You don't always need hands to create art, but it can help.


Painting of the Mona Lisa using MS Paint. *blink*

16-year-old Henry Bennett and his classmates were playing a tug of war with other classmates in a team-building activity, and decided to wrap the rope around the palm of his right hand to grip the rope better.
During the game, a number of the kids let go of the rope, and it ended up pulling Bennett's hand off. He has gone through a 10-hour surgery to reattach the hand. He has been released. Another teammate who suffered similarly is still in the hospital.
Doctors estimate he will regain full use of his hand, but, it will be several weeks before it's known how much function he will regain. 40% of injuries like this are repaired successfully. A fundraiser is planned to help with hospital bills.
Source: www.thedenverchannel.com


http://www.nbc4.com/news/14375827/detail.html This says it was "nearly" severed. Yikes!! Who woulda thought Tug Of War could be that dangerous!

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