randomposting (randomposting) wrote,

Yes, I am at least 14 years of age.

Wow! I just went to respond to one of your journals, and it came up with a "Are you at least 14 years of age, there is possibily adult content here blah de blah" message. (GeminiWench! Your journal! - I assume it's because we were swearing about Project Runway contestants.. or I swore. Sorry if I adultified your journal. Oh my gosh!!)

So... how do you all feel about this flagging system on LJ? I think it's a nice thng for.. nudity. For work safety if nothing else, but do you feel it's censorship?


Here, have some underwater circles.

I bet he's great at blowing smoke rings, for those of you over 18 in the U.S, and for those of you that are of age to smoke in your respective countries.

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