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Links & Love.

Hey everybody! Welcome to December! :) Last month the person with the most first comments with three was marguerlucy!

And with two posts each, there is a second place 3-way-tie!

cherrydust electrosoundwav sparkles

Sooo, since it's December many of us are celebrating an array of Holidays that include gift giving. What presents have you bought for family/friends recently that you're excited about?


And Barbara Walters talking to Sean Connery about how he likes to smack his bitches around.

I mean, I think that getting slapped in the bedroom is kinda hot, but that's my naughty side. Domestic abuse is something else entirely and is not a good time.

So, public service time.

If any of you are in a relationship that is dangerous to you, your children, your spouse, or know someone who is in a situation like that, here's some links that I hope will be helpful. And if you need an ear, and would rather not post here about whatever's troubling you, my email address is LJRandomposting@yahoo.com

http://hotpeachpages.net/ ( International directory)
http://www.theresnoexcuse.com/front.html - US
http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/crime-victims/reducing-crime/domestic-violence/ - UK
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