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Freakin' perfect. [Feb. 15th, 2005|11:54 am]
[mood |angryangry]
[music |Dragon Tales]

Michael Jackson's defense lawyers had announced they may call Elizabeth Taylor, Jay Leno, Quincy Jones and Kobe Bryant to the witness stand in the pop star's molestation trial.

From: hymn
2005-02-15 04:38 pm (UTC)
these are the parents that dont care. the parents who are getting paid off for money. or the parents who are molesting their own kids. or the parents who are retarded and on drugs, etc.

i saw the people protesting FOR michael jackson and their all a bunch of freaks. theyre all a bunch of child molesters probably. one of them, some russian girl i think, was like "what's wrong with loving children?" etcetc. i definitely think somethings up there.
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