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Wiki Peanut Butter, extra crunchy. :)

Let's all get a little smarter!

Have you used the Wikipedia random article button?

Here's how you get there:
1. Go to Wikipedia.org
2. Click on English.
3. You'll see a bunch of boxes on your left. In the first box on the bottom there's the "Random Article" button.
4. Copy and paste as much as seems plausible from your article and link it.. and if you're so inclined share your opinions/funny stories related to said article.. or what have you. :) And spread it if you like. I enjoy learning random things, and apparently you all do too, or you wouldn't be here. hehe.

The one I came up with is:


National Corn Growers Assn. v. Canada (Import Tribunal), [1990] 2 S.C.R. 1324 is a leading decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on judicial review and statutory interpretation.
The Canadian Import Tribunal conducted an inquiry of the importation of grain from the US under s.42 of the Special Import Measures Act. The Tribunal found that the subsidization of grain imports were potentially the cause of "material injury" to the production in Canada.
The National Corn Growers Association applied for judicial review of the decision. They argued that the Tribunal had no jurisdiction to determine potential injuries under the Act.
Justice Gonthier, applying the analysis in Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 963 v. New Brunswick Liquor Corp. 1979 found that the standard under which the decision can be reviewed is one of patent unreasonableness. In his view, the Tribunal could indeed consider the issue of potential injury. The existence of a privative clause was sufficient to accord the Tribunal deference in review. He emphasized that the reviewing court is not to determine the correct answer with which to compare the Tribunal's decision in order to determine the reasonableness of it.
Wilson, in concurrence, considered meaning of the advent of the "pragmatic and functional approach" found in the NB Liquor case and in U.E.S., Local 298 v. Bibeault, 1988. Underlying it was the principle of the rule of law.

I didn't even know there was a National Corn Growers association!

And your youtube for the day:


LOL. Umm. Peanut butter.. the atheists nightmare!
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