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Art & Money

Oh, so got an insider's take on the Writer's Strike from one of the striking writers.. It's really messed up what's happening. The writers get NOTHING for DVD sales. They are asking for 8 cents of every 20.00, and the studios will not budge. They have gotten no money with their work being put on the internet. . nothing.

I fully support this strike, even though some serious consequences could arise. My largest fear is that this is going to propel more and more reality tv shows, which I despise. I know the 4th season of LOST is being delayed, as is 24 and who knows how many more countless shows.

I'm sure a lot of you know what's up and no doubt some of you are directly effected by it. I thought it was time to bring some attention to it here, in case you wanted to know some more of what's going on.. Here's some links I've assembled:






There's a bit to get you started, share any other links you feel are pertinent too. I just think this will effect most of us in one way or another. I hate it when people screw other people out of the money they deserve. Where would any story be without the writers behind the characters?

So, opinions?

Oh, and some art!


This guy is amazing, He painted portraits or interpretations of portraits of 30 people that influenced his life, good and bad and he painted it all on his chest, in the course of 20 hours.. plus ten off camera to sleep and do his private business. Just remarkable.

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