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Gold Pants.. Gold Pants...


Gold Spandax Pants Lullaby. ;)

And most of you probably know this story, but I like it all the same. :)

The young Greek man Narcissus was so handsome that many people fell in love with him. But he turned them all away. He could love no one but himself. The nymph Echo fell i love with him, ut Narcssus just pretended she was not there. In her grief, Echo wasted away until all that was left of her was her voice -- an echo.
The goddess Nemesis who thought Narcissus very vain, was sorry for Echo. She cast a spell on Narcissus, making him look at himself in a pool of water for the rest of his life. The more Narcissus looked at his reflection, the more he fell in love with himself. Every day he lay at the pool's edge staring at his beautiful face. He would not eat or sleep. He grew thinner and eventually died. the gods turned him into a flower called a Narcissus. The pretty flower grows happily at the water's edge, and its head hants as if it is looking at itself.
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