randomposting (randomposting) wrote,

White Rabbit!

All right!

I am two months behind, but I didn't forget. ;)

For those of you new to my journal, the first of each month ( Or you know, when I get around to it.. ;) ) I post the stats for who had the first comment to each of my entries the most times! Those in first and second place get a bit o' recognition for their mad commenting skills.

For September we have in first place esme with 3 first posts! And tied in second place with 2 first posts each we have everette1_ , phekkin_nej , zibacco , theprimrosepath , and rinnychan .

And in October the winner was once again esme with FIVE first posts! And the threeway tie for second place with three posts each goes to: twoforone , electrosoundwav and everette1_ .

Well done everybody! And it all starts up again today, because believe it or not, it's freakin' November!

Here, have some pretty and fun opera. :)


And.. well. it speaks for itself really.

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