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The Sound of Mythology!

The Onondaga of North America say that in the beginning there was no Earth. There was Skyland, where a chief and his people lived. And below was water with animals swimming in it. One night the chiefs' youngest wife dreamed that a big tree had been uprooted. According to the Onondaga tradition, everything must be done to make an important dream come true. So the next morning, the chief and his son uprooted the tree. Where its roots had been, there was a big hole. The chief's wife looked in and saw water shining far beneath. She leaned closer and fell through the hole.
The animals in the water saw the woman falling toward them. Two swans spread their wings to catch her. Muskrat dived far beneath the water to bring back some soil for the woman to stand on. The animals put the soil on the back of a giant turtle and it began to row. The soil grew until it became the world, then the woman stood on the soil. Some seeds that were in her hand fell onto the soil and started growing into plants. The creation of the Earth had begun.

( I bought my son a myth book today, so you may see more of these. I think they're awesome. :) )


And this is one of my faaavvorites. It's from Kids in the Hall. The Doe A Deer sketch. Rock ON!

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