randomposting (randomposting) wrote,

1sts, Gymnastic Jesus and Poop


Sorry this is late but here are your August top first posters of the month! :)

In first place we have : electrosoundwav with five posts! Impressive! Seems to be the number to strive for. :) Well done!

And a three way tie for second, starring: smadaf , my_badgers_27 and theprimrosepath with two posts each! Well done. :) As always I take it from the first, regardless of when I actually get around to posting it. ;)

And... picture time, I think!

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Yeah. I don't even know what to say to that. lol. 'Cept you find the STRANGEST things on the internet!!

What's that you say? You want a youtube too? Here ya go. :)


I lifted this from one of you. :)

Take a look. Watch for all of the pooping symbolism.

I giggled. If only all commercials were that funny.
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