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To Sim or to Sleep?

Hi there. Long time no see. No, not really. :)

It's link time!!!

Threadless.com is currently doing the famous and much loved $10 back to school sale. Almost all of the t-shirts are for sale for ten bucks. That's the adult and the kid styles. I totally bought some for me and my kiddo. My favorite I think is Vincent's Van Go. Haha. Happines.

Which is your favorite?

It's a pretty nifty site. You can vote on different t-shirts that people submit and those that are most loved are made available to the general public to buy and it's all user submitted material as far as I know.

So I thought I'd share that tidbit.

Do you know any sales going on that must be shared with the crowd?

And your youtube:


And Snape and Hermione from Robot Chicken with his jacuzzi. lol. so not right.

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