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What character would you make into a butter sculpture?

Fictional Wizard Potter Will Be Recreated In Butter For Iowa Fair
Sculptor Pratt Says Choice Was No-Brainer --

DES MOINES, Iowa -- He's a box office star, a best seller and now Harry Potter has something else to boast about. He will be cast in butter for the world famous Iowa State Fair.

Butter sculptor Sarah Pratt said giving Potter a place of honor next to the fair's famed butter cow inside the Agriculture Building's refrigerated glass case was a no-brainer.

Pratt is a special education teacher from Norwalk who took over as lead sculptor last year, after more than a decade as Norma "Duffy'' Lyon's apprentice.

The butter cow is a state fair tradition, and it's typically accompanied by a more topical sculpture with a pop culture theme. Last year, for example, Pratt crafted a butter sculpture of Superman, when native Iowan Brandon Routh starred in the newest version of the film.

Pratt expects her butter Harry to look more like the character on the book covers than Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Potter in the movies.

Visitors can expect to see Harry's trademark glasses and scar, but Pratt said she is still deciding on a pose.



And that's impressive. A guy catching glasses with his face.
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