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Music time!


Mad TV Ecstasy commercial. :)

Hey guys! :) I thought it'd be kind of fun to get an idea of each of our musical tastes. This way if anyone likes certain bands or musicals on your list and such, they can check out the others. :) So if you feel so inclined, leave this in the comments.

1. Spell out your LJ screen name.
2. Open your music library and sort by title.
3. Match the letters in your screen name with songs beginning with that letter.

R- Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - BJ Thomas
A- Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone - Joe Cocker
N- Nobody Needs To Know - The Last Five Years
D - Downtown - Petula Clark
O- One Way Or Another - Blondie
M- Mama Who Bore Me - Spring Awakening
P- Passomaquoddy - Pete's Dragon
O- Oh Johnny! Oh Johnny! - Andrews Sisters
S- She's Always A Woman To Me - Billy Joel
T- Tapestry - Carole King
I- I'm Your Captain - Grand Funk Railroad
N- Nations Of The World - Animaniacs
G- Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks
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