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Give a gift, get a gift

So this is the start of something new.. every now and then when I see something like the following I'm gonna share it with the masses because I think it's awesome. :)

urinoscopy , one of your fellow randomposters is doing an art project for school. It requires the assistance of you, if you're able. All you'd need to send would be pieces of polarfleece fabric of your choice and your picture so that they can all be used together for awesome artiness. :)

I'm sure we'll get a pic of the end product, right, urinoscopy ? :)

Rumour is your contributions will go to make a giant giraffe. The more people who send a bit of fabric.. the giant-er the giraffe. :)

If your'e able too, here's more info:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And here's your video!

A cruel Christmas Joke.. A little funny, but mostly mean.


*shakes head*

What was your worst winter holiday story?
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