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Comment whoring.. [May. 10th, 2007|01:05 pm]
[mood |fullfull]
[music |There's Room for Everyone - Children/Helen Reddy/Sean Marshall]

All over peoples journals I've been seeing this, "Comment on this post, so we can reach 1000 comments!"

And I kept thinking about it, and I was like.. mmm.... All right. I wonder if we can do it. ;)

I have confidence that it can happen. hehe. Can you make my email box explode?

Sooo, for this post, you may ask anything you like of me. I may evade, make up silly answers, or answer completely truthfully. :)

So, this is the thousand comment "I Never, Truth Or Dare, Insert other drinking get to know you better" posts.

And you can respond to every single person that responds.

You can post whatever you like of course too, including macros and such.

Any wagers for how long it'll take to get to a thousand? If ever? ;)



What the hell was that!?!

[User Picture]From: trema_slo
2007-05-13 05:12 am (UTC)

Re: vacation

So do you say you played the stage in NY as a teenager? Sorry for my confusion. You said you're in your 20's, but myspace has you as 40, i think. Just liking to understand your relationship with acting, even tho I am not very well read or whatever when it comes to theatre. I could tell you a little bit about the local groups here...but your experience sounds very interesting, like maybe a high point and inspiration in your life big time!

That will be so fun and exciting for you to be back in NYC. I was in NYC and Oyster Bay visiting my father once the same year as Woodstock was upstate!

I find that when I return to Big Sur, California, my ultimate favorite place, even tho it is just 60 some miles to the south end of that stretch of coatline from my current home, and I do miss it, miss living there, but the pangs of it give me inspiration, and something great, some great moments in time, or some good fortune befalls when I visit. So that is my thought and wish for you.

Thanks you for your other sweet comments too!

Oh, and I have a nice bunch of "rainbow stripes" on my outer arm part of my shoulder from last night's play. I get myself a little somethin which is so hot, then get somewhat sadistic with my play partner. Then we cuddle. It was a great evening. This particular one is an all play, no sex one. I just love that.

Hope you get some good rest tonight.
Cheers dear!
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