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I never knew that Casanova was a librarian...

Italian writer Giacomo Casanova,was born in Venice (1725). He spent his early life traveling all over Europe. In Paris, his great personal charm helped him to win important friends, and he became director of the lottery, which helped make him wealthy. After some freelance spy work, he was arrested in Venice in 1755 and he was sentenced to five years in prison. But he managed to escape, and the news of his escape made him into a celebrity in Paris.
In 1785, Casanova retired to a castle in Bohemia and became a librarian. While there, he set out to write his memoirs. He said it was "the sole remedy" he possessed "to avoid going mad or dying of sorrow." At his death, he left 4,000 pages of manuscript behind, some of which was later published under the title The History of My Life. Stories taken from his autobiography have made him famous and have made him into a legendary hero famous for seducing women.


And an adolt swim commercial. How does she do that with her body?
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