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Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it. Happy cheap eggs day for the rest of you. :) [Apr. 8th, 2007|10:23 am]
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Capital punishment is our society’s recognition of the sanctity of human life. - Orrin Hatch, Republican senator from Utah, explaining his support of the death penalty.

*tilts head*

I wonder how that works out. Huh.


Reeves and Mortimer: Vic's Jacket -- British humour kicks my ass. I laughed SO hard.

[User Picture]From: smadaf
2007-04-09 03:20 pm (UTC)
(See my previous comment, where I started this.)

Personally, I am repulsed when someone equates respect for all human life with something like allowing the death penalty, allowing abortion, allowing the killing of the retarded, &c.  I also am repulsed when someone's "respect for all human life" means standing idly by while someone else carries out mass murder and/or maiming—because I believe that, in such a situation, the appropriate action is to do whatever it takes (including violence) to stop that person from being violent on a much wider scale—and then, once that threat is halted, to treat the damaged body and mind of the person I have just injured, and to do my best to restore him to health—or, if I have gone so far as to kill him, then to treat his body with respect and return it to his loved ones.  So, I have real problems with various "anti-killing" views held by various persons.

But I also keep very much in mind the fact that, to get anywhere in the argument, I can't just point out logical fallacies in the meanings of a few hot-button words as defined by certain persons, but must instead get deeper into specific things, such as which practices people support and oppose in what circumstances, what their reasoning is, what they mean by "respect", &c.

These political terms ("pro-life", "pro-choice", "conservative", "liberal", "pro-war", "anti-war", "pacifist", all kinds of things) that so many like to restrict us to are a distraction from the real issues at hands.  They lump the variety of human thought and belief, and indeed the variety of human beings, into too few categories and hinder our progress in understanding one another and having real, strong, lasting influences on others' beliefs and actions.

Again, no gripe against you personally—but you did address the issue of what these politically charged terms and phrases mean, and did respond to my earlier comment ... so I felt somewhat compelled to say more. :)
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: smadaf
2007-04-10 05:44 pm (UTC)

Re: wow, longest.comment.evah.

After I posted the two long ones yesterday, I was half regretting it.  Still, glad to see you understood I wasn't trying to be annoying.  No worries:  you didn't piss me off and didn't seem a troll.

I guess my original issue with the Sen. Hatch quote that started this was (1) yes, I get really irritated by his view, but (2) pointing out the discrepant logic ('we show respect for life by killing life'—???), which most kids can do, gets us only so far in changing people's minds and behavior.  So point 2 wasn't that I was annoyed that any specific person had pointed out the discrepancy again—it was just that I wished we could make more progress than latching on to just one little piece of the argument.

Again, glad you understood.  Et cetera.  [/babble]
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[User Picture]From: sixstringcat
2007-04-10 06:08 pm (UTC)

Re: wow, longest.comment.evah.

haha, dude it's OK. Let it go :)
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