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Stop calling me and knocking me off the interwebs!!!!


That's a lot of tshirts!!!

---I think I probably own around 25 shirts. You?

Bananas were officially introduced to the American public at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. Each banana was wrapped in foil and sold for 10 cents. Before that time, bananas came to America on the decks of sailing ships as sailors took a few stems home after traveling in the Caribbean.

That would have been a really expensive banana for back then.

And your first post winners for the month of March are:

First place - maudelynn with 6 first comments! I do believe that is a tie with the highest amount ever. Nicely done! Impressive!!

And in second place with 3 first comments, we have faerie_mistress .

Nicely done ladies! :)

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