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First Posters/Presidents/Ladies/Videogamers?

In 1965, Congress authorized the Secret Service to protect former presidents and their spouses for their lifetime, unless they decline the protection. Recently, Congress limited the protection of former presidents and their spouses (elected after January 1, 1997) to 10 years after leaving office. President Clinton, who was elected in 1996, will be the last president to receive lifelong protection from the Secret Service.


Modern Love Song. :) Very fun.

And WOW! So, I totally suck. The last two months I have not posted your first posting stats. Many apologies! I finally got them all together, so here you be!

For Feb-
Congrats to saabisu who takes the cake with 3 first posts.
We have a FIVE WAY tie for second, with two posts each: coolbou , luludi ,poop_on_a_stick , actionjack , and electrosoundwav

And back in January, first place went to electrosoundwav with 3 first comments, and second was tied between nebris and saabisu with two each. So yes! Sorry that took me a while to get together. I am clearly a slacker.
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