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Ahh Folklore time!

Also called the shiver-tree, the aspen is best known for it’s trembling leaves which stir in the slightest of winds. Folklore has it that the aspen shivers in shame and horror because its wood was used for Christ’s Cross, or because it failed to bow when Christ passed by. The aspen is prized for it’s efficacy in treating a range of medical ailments, particularly fever (in which the patient shivers like the tree). The sufferer pins a lock of his or her hair to the nearest aspen while uttering the rhyme: “Aspen tree, aspen tree, I prithee to shake and shiver insead of me.”, and must then return home without uttering a word or the charm will not work. An alternative is to cut a small hole in the tree at midnight and place the sufferers nail-parings into it before closing the hole up and thus trapping the fever permanently. In Chshire, locals similarly recommend rubbing warts with bacon and then hiding the bacon in a slit in an aspen tree: The warts will fade from the sufferers skin and reappear in the tree’s bark.


And LOL! The Mirror thingie. Where you mirror someone.. but funny... and with the feline variety.

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