December 29th, 2011

christmas solo

Resolve and Recycle.

Joan Rivers telling Oprah she needs to lose weight, early in her career. I'd love to see what Oprah would say to her now. lol. I mean she tells Keith Richards in a commercial I see all the time "I'm surprised you're still alive." Imagine how she could make Joan feel. lol

Hope you all had a brilliant holiday! Things have been mostly wonderful here. Got some bad news about my Grandma, though. Doesn't look like her cancer's going to let her be here for my upcoming wedding, so that kind of sucks.

I'm resolving to quitting smoking. We'll see if it works. It's what she wants, so I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and do it. She hates that I smoke and now I feel guilty every time I light up. I think I need to channel that guilt and go with it.

You have any New Year's Resolutions?
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