December 3rd, 2010

what could possibly go wrong? liesel

Nazombies are the ickiest kind.

Organ Trail in Beta. Good times. I all ready had to kill a friend because he was bit by a Zombie. Glad it's just a game, not sure if I could do that in real life. How about you? If someone you cared about was bit by a Zombie could you do it?

And you think your boss is bad?

Polish fire brigade rebel against 'Heil Hitler' boss
A Polish fire brigade has rebelled against its commander after an alleged campaign of humiliation and abuse of power that saw him force them to greet each other with a "Heil Hitler" each morning.
Angered by their commander's behaviour the firemen from a station in the eastern city of Augustow went over his head and made a plea to regional command to have him removed.
In a letter to regional headquarters the firemen at the station listed 27 allegations of abuse of power, which also included the commander using emergency phones to order food, and permitting friends to stay at the fire station bed room.
"Friends of the commander were allowed to stay, and firemen were mobilised as if it were a hotel," the firemen claimed in their letter. "We had to carry luggage and bring food and drinks for the guests."
They finished the letter saying that had to prevent their commander from further damaging the reputation of the brigade.
Most of the apparent abuses, they stressed, were carried out during working hours.
The station commander, along, apparently, with his deputy, also reportedly subjected to anyone who questioned his command to abusive tirades involving strings of expletives.
His alleged insistence of firemen using "Heil Hitler" instead of the traditional greeting of "Good day" was resented in particular given Poland's immense suffering under during the years of Nazi occupation.
The firemen also said that it had taken more than a month for the regional headquarters to address their concerns.
"It's not our fault, we didn't want this scandal," one fireman told the television news channel TVN24 in an interview. "We just want to have a normal life and a normal commander: one who will be demanding but in a civilised manner. The behaviour of the commander has brought shame on the fire brigade, the town and the region,"
A spokesman for the brigade's regional headquarters said that it was a "complicated and serious matter" and that it had launched an investigation into the firemen's allegations.
The station officer at the centre of the scandal, who is still at work, has refused to make any comment to the press, but in a statement issued by the brigade's headquarter, he and his deputy have "expressed their surprise at the situation, and treat many of the allegations as false and defamatory".
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