May 24th, 2010

dharma changing station

Spoiler-y mcspoilspoil time. ;)

Hey ya'll.

So, heads up, my guess is if you haven't watched LOST and you want to avoid spoilers as you want to see it on your own, etc that you won't want to read the comments here, because I want to do an open LOST forum.

I would love to hear what those of you thought of the finale, the series, all that jazz, and figure we can all reply to each other and maybe find some clarity, bitch about what we don't like about the show or finale, gush about what we loved, etc. ;)

So if you have an opinion please share it. :)

If you missed Jimmy Kimmel last night, here's the Youtube of the alternate endings:

Oh and, a caption contest. ;) Even more props if you can somehow make this LOST related.

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