February 25th, 2010

margie - HI!

I missed you!

Hi guys! Very very very sorry that I have not been around. Life has been just crazy, but for the most part good. Dealing with some stupid health stuff but other things are going very well, and I just needed to focus on doing some stuff for Little Random and me, and I just didn't have enough time to do everything and I kind of cut the internet out of the equation for a little while. It was really easy to post randomly when Little Random was tiny, but not as easy now. ;) Anyway, I would LOVE to hear how you all are doing. I miss you guys like crazy and I'm sorry i dropped the ball. The other big part of me not being motivated is that my computer died an awful death and so the hundreds of pages of Randomness I had typed out and saved from all of the books I had checked out on the subject and websites I had studied were all lost. So I'm going to be winging it for awhile. Also lost all of my favorite places for all of the youtubes and glumberts and what not I had saved, so I don't think I'll be here daily until I can build some of those back up.

So updates from all of you please!!!! I'm sure I've missed sooo many important things. Your turn to fill me in on what's going on in your lives!!!

Ooh, and your youtube...


This might make up for my absence just a little. Sex-bomb skated by Plushanko. Totally worth watching it all.

Oh, and a long over due caption contest. :)

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