September 15th, 2009

Troll & NPH

Religion in the theatre, keep it clean. ;)


Caption contest. :)


Every summer, Passion plays are performed throughout the South. These spectacles tell the story of Jesus using huge casts, massive sets and lots of special effects. In one production in Texas an actor playing a Roman guard was supposed to stab the actor playing Jesus with a spear that had a special retractable blade. Oops-- the guard grabbed the wrong prop backstage and poked a real spear into Jesus' ribcage. Jesus cried out in agony "Jesus christ! I've been stabbed!" The stage manager quickly brought down the curtain and called an ambulance. As sirens wailed in the distance, the curtain rose to reveal a new Jesus -- a 260 pound stagehand in a loincloth. When the time came for him to be lifted to heaven on special ropes, the new actor said "And now I shall ascend!" The ropes were attached toa special counterweight system-- that had been rigged for a man who weighed 100 pounds less. The stagehand pulling the rope couldn't lift him. He added more weights to the system as the actor repeated, "And now I shall ascend." This time Jesus was lifted a few feet above the cross but quickly dropped back down again. The desperate stagehand quickly put all the wights he could find onto the system and pulled the ropes as the new actor playing Jesus said, "And now I shall... AAAIIIIEEEEE!" "Jesus' " scream could be heard across town as he was catapulted straight up into the metal grid at the top of the theater and knocked senseless. Another ambulance was called and the show was cancelled.

What's your favorite stage nightmare that you've been involved in or had the pleasure of watching? ;)
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