June 16th, 2009


Carrying and Harvesting Nuns at at the Smithsonian.

1. If you were going to be immortalized at the Smithsonian by the placing of one personal item in your exhibit, what item would that be?

-- For me it would be my necklace. I never take it off. :)

This is going to be a biggie, because I've missed a lot. So a fact about you, a minifact for interest purposes, a youtube and a caption contest. All rolled into a giant post. ;) Hope you're all doing well! *hugs* Miss you guys!!

2. American Michael Mastromarino stands accused of illegally harvesting bone and tissues from more than 1000 corpses that were awaiting burial or cremation at funeral homes, as well as falsifying records of disease victims in order to make their limbs, organs etc saleable for transplant.

That's a crappy thing to be famous for.

3. Here's the 2006 Wife Carrying Championships.


4. Caption contest!

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