May 8th, 2009

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If I had multi million dollars... I would buy you fur coat but not a real fur coat that's cruel.

If you won TEN MILLION dollars in the lottery tomorrow ( After taxes.) What are five things you would buy? Link them here.

Here's mine. :)


I'd have my own NYC townhouse, and could rent out the other units for income. Yay!


A macbook pro!


A trip to Italy hosted by Disney for little random and the fam. ;) We would go to Pompeii too.

4. -- Lasik eye surgery.

5. And I would go back too and finish college. Not sure where. Maybe NYU. I mean my millions just bought a gorgeous townhouse there, why not? ;)

Silly and serious answers all welcome. I've had a pretty crappy day. ( Had to put my cat down. He was dying, and really starting to feel pain, so it was time. I've never had to put down a pet before so this is a new and terrible experience.)

So any links you can send my way that might make me smile, or I should invest in when I win my millions because karmically it's about damn time something goes right, would be appreciated.


Oh, and youtube:

A little girl laughing hysterically. Because no matter how crappy your day is happy kids can make you smile.
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