March 20th, 2009

Band of Brothers - Bayonet rust

Woohoo.. money! But you gotta be greviously injured. There's always a catch.

What is a life worth? Impossible to determine, you might say. But if you were a Saxon in England at the last millennial, you would answer 266 Thrymsas (200 shillings) cor a ceorl, or freeman. This was the essence of the system of Weregild, whereby the relative cash value of life, limb, or eye could be determined and awarded to the victim of damage or the family of the dead. Weregild means, literally, "man-gold," and is blood money. It is the idea that a sum of money can make a person, or their family "whole" after damage caused by someone.

So, how much do you think your life, limb, eye, etc, are worth?

I hope you all had a great St, Patrick's Day. Sorry I went a few without posting. Have a bit of the flu.

I'm hoping I didn't post this yet. :) It's.. kinda awesome.

The song "Woohoo" to some awesome church moves. I heart it.
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