March 14th, 2009



All righty, so a few things going on.


Seriously? They want to boycott Pepsi because they send their employees to diversity training? LOL. I'm totally buying some pepsi next time I'm out. This American Family Association is a nightmare.

2. Be CAREFUL on your livejournals!!! People have been stealing others accounts with keystrokes, and old hotmail accounts. So watch out for hackers. If you see something like this on any of your communities, DO NOT CLICK ON IT!


I'd hate to see this happen to any of you and it's all ready hit some prominent communities. So careful, folks!

And, youtube of the day... Michael Emerson, talking about the awesomeness of theatre. :) Something for my theatre folks, my Lost folks, and those who are crossover fans like me. :)

What was the last play/musical you went to see? For me it was Spring Awakening.
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