March 11th, 2009


An underwater film.

A virtual tour of an underwater resort. Who wants to go on vacation?

And here's the first response to Jounal Advertisements , I got. From your fellow user yellow_iodine . She writes movie recs for the website:

And her specific area is here:

:) So go have a read. I especially love that she wrote about Sunset Boulevard. One of my faves!

And I especially love her tips for looking at your own life like it's a movie. :)

" • Know Your Desired Ending(s)! Storyboard it, See it, Let it be BIG. Every good character has a motivation. ALWAYS feel free to edit. Be open to twists, turns and surprises. Practice being the director and the audience.
• Describe the main character. Do a love confession, and list all your favorite quirks (i.e., Harry met Sally)
• Use “bad times”—hangover, when you are “beating yourself up”, boring times, times of loss--as good material. Step out of your head, observe yourself and your surroundings, and describe what’s going on.
• When a crisis comes up, when you are thwarted in some way, remind yourself that this is “plot thickener.”
• Notice the artistic quality of your day, i.e., putting on makeup, arranging the dinner table, the path you walk every day.
• Set your life to music. What music are you drawn to? Where does the music take you? (New York, New York? A hot date?)
• Try critiquing your life as a movie. Does it have heart? Is it boring? Where is it going? If your life was a movie and you were an actor, what kinds of risks would you take? "

So this leads to the question, randommers. If your life were a movie, what genre would it be?

Mine would undoubtedly be a musical.
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