March 3rd, 2009

dancing moulin

The dance of life.

For some animals, sex can literally, be a life-changing experience. When a male seed beetle ( acanthoscelides obectus) has sex with a female, it inseminates her with chemicals that either make her die younger, or live longer. During mating, makes of the species transfer different peptides and proteins to females. These can have beneficial effects, as some of the compounds appear to increase the number of eggs laid by a female, and females that have been mated tend to live longer than females that have not. They can also have a detrimental impact and be toxic to the female. However, males that tend to reproduce late in life will inject females with more beneficial compounds, in essence extending her lifespan, than males that tend to reproduce early in life. By doing so, late-breeding males ensure that females will live longer, and hence be around to bear them more offspring, maximizing the number of times their genes are passed down the generations.

And time for a howcast:

How to dance without embarassing yourself. ;) I'm a terrible dancer if it's not choreographed. lol. How about you?
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