January 20th, 2009

cheers al

Anniversaries, presidencies, tacky money and dancing giants.

Hey all.

I'm sad to see that some friends have left me behind, but I suppose it's what I deserve for being out of contact as much as I have been. I want to apologize for those friends who have still stuck it out with me. Life's been throwing some blows my way, and I just haven't been able to find real stable ground, so I intend to post more often. I miss you guys like crazy, so I hope you understand that sometimes real life gets in the way.

Five years ago today my Mom died, and truly, I don't think the ground has been stable since. But I guess that's part of getting older, as much as it hurts.

It's a little bittersweet for me, given that the inaugration is today, I really pray that hope has a chance, and that things will get better. I think it's possible. Something has to change, and I think right now this is our best chance. So I'll raise a glass, no - two glasses, one to drown the sorrow, and one to welcome a change. I won't disclose the order of glass-raising.

For those of you who have stuck it out. Thanks. I am so glad to have you as friends, and those who have left, I understand why, but I'm still sad to see you go.


And.. really? This actually exists? That's sooooo tacky and awful. It makes me sick.

So... to make up for it. A caption contest of ginormous hilarity.

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